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Service Packages

Packages build upon themselves, i.e. basic overhaul includes tune-up and checkover. These prices are for labor, the cost of parts are additional to labor costs.

Check-Over: $35

  • tire inflation
  • adjustment of cable tension/barrel adjusters on brakes and derailleurs
  • tighten wheel axle bolts, quick releases, handlebar clamp and stem

Tune Up: $60

  • Check-Over plus the following
  • wipe down frame and wheels
  • true wheels
  • lubricate brake/ derailleur pivot points
  • adjust brake pads/brake arm spring tension
  • adjust derailleur limit screws
  • tighten bolts

Basic Overhaul: $155

  • Tune-Up plus the following
  • clean and lubricate frame/ drivetrain/ wheels/controls
  • grease and adjust hubs/headset
  • adjust/ tighten bottom bracket
  • tighten crankarms
  • replace up to two spokes per wheel
  • replace cables/housing
  • Install bar tape
  • replace chain
  • align front and rear derailleurs
  • install accessories purchased at WheelHouse (50% off labor for accessories install when purchased elsewhere)
  • free check up within two months

Major Overhaul: $275

  • Basic Overhaul plus the following
  • thorough cleaning and lubricating of entire bike
  • overhaul headset/ bottom bracket/ hubs
  • align drop outs/set rear wheel spacing
  • install components purchased at WheelHouse (50% off labor when purchased elsewhere)

10% off labor for students (w/ ID) and SB Bike Coalition Members